Death in Adam, Life in Christ

Romans 5:12-21

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Romans 5:12–21

[12] Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned—[13] for sin indeed was in the world before the law was given, but sin is not counted where there is no law. [14] Yet death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over those whose sinning was not like the transgression of Adam, who was a type of the one who was to come.

[15] But the free gift is not like the trespass. For if many died through one man's trespass, much more have the grace of God and the free gift by the grace of that one man Jesus Christ abounded for many. [16] And the free gift is not like the result of that one man's sin. For the judgment following one trespass brought condemnation, but the free gift following many trespasses brought justification. [17] For if, because of one man's trespass, death reigned through that one man, much more will those who receive the abundance of grace and the free gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man Jesus Christ.

[18] Therefore, as one trespass led to condemnation for all men, so one act of righteousness leads to justification and life for all men. [19] For as by the one man's disobedience the many were made sinners, so by the one man's obedience the many will be made righteous. [20] Now the law came in to increase the trespass, but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more, [21] so that, as sin reigned in death, grace also might reign through righteousness leading to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (ESV)



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Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beasts of the field Lord God and made is that the woman that God actually say is not eat of any tree in the garden the woman said to the serpent we may even the fruit of the trees in the garden God said you shall not even for the treat is in the midst of the garden neither shall you touch it lest you die but the serpent said to the woman will not surely die for God knows that when any of it I will be opened and you will be like God knowing good and evil so when the woman saw that the tree was good for food is a delight to the eyes that she was to be desired to make one wise she took of its fruit and eight and she also decided to her husband was with her and he ate in the eyes of both world and and they knew that they were naked they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves likewise happier. I wasn't as but that one turns in Romans chapter 5 verses 12 to 21@Main Chapter for tonight picture memory that now first 12 chapter 5 therefore just as sin came into the world through one man and death through sin and so death spread to all men because all sinned forcing indeed was in the world before the law was given the sin is not counted whether is no law the death reigned from Adam to Moses even over those who singing was not like the transgression of Adam was a type of the one who is to come but the free gift is not like the trespass for many die to one man's trespass much more have the grace of God in the free gifts by the grace of that one man Jesus Christ abounded for many the free gift is not like the results of that one man sin the judgment falling one trespass brought condemnation but the Friedrich gifts falling many trespasses brought justification for because of one man's trespass death reigned throughout one man much more will those who receive the abundance of grace and the free gift of righteousness reign in life to the one man Jesus Christ therefore as one trespass led to combination from and so one act of righteousness leads to the justification in life for all men for us by the one man's disobedience many were made sinners by the one man's obedience many will be made righteous have a lot came in to increase the trespass or worsen increased grace abounded all the more that is sin reigned and that grace also might rain to righteousness leading to eternal life Jesus Christ Lord this is the wholly infallible word of God father free working for the church of your word and thank you father that even in our father sin Abraham Adams sin and a wrap all our forefathers send father that your working through it all and he didn't have a plan B folly always had a plan oversee network out even now the present-day father and all lies partly thank you that you are faithful even when we are not in the you are solving even when we can't see it are so thank you for again your word I pray that we would have open eyes and ears that you would speak to me tonight your people would hear and have receptive hearts father Allison commits your pricing so if you now where were coming upon the 502nd anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses on that big wooden door in Wittenberg Castle Church Germany is I where that's really awesome start this is a big big big event for our lease is something I learned because this is the separation of the Protestant church in our beliefs from the Roman Catholic Church and differing beliefs and there were many big truths that were pillars of the faith on the net time the creeds in many councils and a lot of important differentiation between the faith there was a large that time in the faith we hold today you call yourself a Christians not all that happened were talking about sniper there are few things that rise to the top I think we need is just before going to the passage tonight and there are really a few main huge seems that the reformers of@Martin Luther and many others set down as the finals of our faith about an hour to go through these mean three with you first wanted Sola Scripture is Latin for picture alone and this means that all the truth we have of God and our life comes only through Scripture does not through your experience is not through your interpretation of your life it's through Scripture and that's how God speaks to us the second thing they stood I was so look recess that is in Christ alone is only through Christ that we can be saved we can may be made right with God there is no other who can make us right you can give us that hope the last thing on the last of these three that they the pillar of our faith is so lucky they both unions by faith alone as we can only come to Christ be made right with him you may buy with the father through him by faith not by works is nothing we can do to earn that this was really the biggest differentiation between modern-day Protestantism and the Roman Catholic Church was that we can't work our way there is nothing we can do to make ourselves right God's eyes only by Christ's grace sola unit we just have to have faith with our faith in him to be made right and so we see that this was the 16th century and more than 500 years ago this was really battle out between prominent church leaders and reformers and were still seen some dissent from these beauties today but the really actually making a rebirth in a lot of Christian Protestant circles, a lot of walking away from special I want to focus on my soul of the day by faith alone always saves the price but I want to say tonight is the reason brings up is because this is essential to the gospel you have no gospel if you barter I'm so lucky that only by faith alone we can be made right that is the gospel we have been talking about all these weeks at culture hopefully your prospective churches Gospel is not being without faith alone and I'm launching from this because of you remember last week was given a quick review Brett talked about chapter 5 versus 1 to 11 and I think this is so Lafitte is really at the heart of what that was talking about is the hearts of the passage and in and the take away that the title we would differ last week's message that was that we can have peace with God there's a waiting made peace with God and in particular diversity is wondering with me we have peace with God you are Lord Jesus Christ is by faith we can be given peace with God by going to church we given piece and this is as but a three-member vets spoke this is the number one thing we need in our lives his verse one says therefore since we have been justified by faith file works out by our strivings by being born in my family you don't need a good job we don't need an education we don't need no faithfully by faith we can be made right what take offense going to need to be happy in all of our circumstances we need to be made right with God need peace with God as in our sin where enmity strife against God were worked out number one thing we need therefore we should be rejoicing as Christians as we has been made away have peace with God remember we spoke about and if you look at verse three talks about how in all things to go through in life suffering produces endurance endurance produces character and character produces hope this is a central theme hope you hope for our future and hope does not put his fishing in this hope was secured for us in Christ because why why the security Christ why do we have hope and assurance because you live right the life he lives you raised again on the third day is not bad but surely life the salvation comes by faith and faith alone this is essential to the truth of the gospel we don't have a gospel we don't believe by faith alone that's what I hope this not by works as we don't fail convincing the rest of Romans in fact if you can look that member the rest that result in your followed weeks the Romans are these heard most of them Mr. quick recap we can visit with this good recap chapters 1 to 3 show that the major summarize in a very simplistic way to show that we are 60% right now and I'm a medical teachers what I do for living, put this in analogy tape and your six but the disease or illness where you go Dr. right so chapters 1 to 3 times the worst that the Gentiles are sent the Jews are sick you all sick right all six chapters 4 through like 5A which ended with last week are really telling us about the hospital but telling about us about the hope there is hope nothing Jesus Christ by faith alone that's the hospital is a place we can go me made right with me and so this week is about the ambulance about how we get there if the transportation how do we get to be made right what is the vehicle of the mode the transportation by which God makes us right with him this not by a works is missing right is not by some magical fairy dust of disliking waking and ignoring your skin can ignore sin is it insane is righteous God yes ignores how does he make us right as against the hospital as a work and this ambulance is really the central theme of the night and out-of-state ambulance is this one word big theme the theme of tonight is the word called imputation there the standard for what is education mean amputation read the fine is to ascribe that is to give and in and credit the account of someone with something in this case is either righteousness or unrighteousness a.k.a. guilt as to give somebody something to put their account if you have no money in your counsel logos and puts many They have imputed money to them accents right to college that in some unjust wipes away to college that they have imputed financial freedom to thank them for the only what is happening out on a friend who needs it the launching that I is I want to go into the versus night the first verse recovers verse 12 300 and therefore by the way therefore means what was it therefore we just talked about all is therefore this is leading to imputation of ambulance how do we get there therefore just as sin came into the world through one man without one man Adam notes and the like in the world that is akin to out of the cave oregano and adjusted him one man is confusing because Jesus intent coming later this is sentimental through one man Adam and death through sin so death spread to all men lie because all sinned a lot of questions you the blurred out to thinking ahead when does an individual first become a sinner when we went to me like legally in God's legal step no the stump the they are centered on their account the point is that happen him into thinking ahead note for being theologians you know we can make people scenarios up in our heads and think about such things you notice out practically super practical was also first understand so what do they do what point does did you become a center anyone some next week that to put that so anything back and want to share competent notice humble enough to shop this the point you understand

you transgress it okay and no answer their political answer negative politician auto reset I bothered to the question is also a specific Antilles answer one what are our cancer one answer to was basically owed that it's hard to answer the question because we don't know the context the world born naturally depraved and therefore we will send so we are will be a center okay the answer is you are made a sinner 6000 years ago about before your life emergency this night so the moments that I will send in the garden so I opened up that Scripture never like world fences and present I want to do so here listen but the moment that I will send God's eyes your sinner why there so at first glance wondering this first verse therefore just the same team in the world through one man so Adam send right I will send what was a consequence he died okay and then the second part so death so through sin that spread to all men so we send we died out understand he dies we send we die to make sense that's not really what it's saying so let me make a distinction is a distinction between the sin is really two types ascend we've heard some of these number one there's original sentiment of original sin was original mean it was from the beginning that Original Sin is our being born into a state of sin when your mother and your father made you a moment that you are conceived sperm hit a your person and God's image you were a center your center before that quite frankly does the new year coming and that was because you're born viewable on a status then there is a lack of why there was a lack of conformity as being in an end you're in violation to God's law why I was in there with him about a minute then back you might take the second type of sin is called actual sin because this disparity and that is actions or inaction snub sins of omission or commission if one really specific which transgress the logon this is what most of us would think okay moment I send consciously knowing right and wrong I'm a sinner your sinner before that as were seeing in this verse and other versus why why we consider singers the Original Sin because in the garden Adam was acting as a representative what he did in the garden was our representative it's concerned that we had done when you are there not is our legal representatives in his last examples if you see that the world if if you send somebody as a representative to another nation where they say or do is considered true of you love you and they're not if he's representing your nation yes is anything enough you don't does the thing in olden times you represented the King when talk is of a nation of you said is that they can set it so we are guilty because I was our representative East End the recent crazy so episode charges to help us member

Adam was just to be three things in my I have more but I never doubted out on the represent all of his posterity Palestinians was born of him all of his descendents yes that is united all of us came from the seat of Avenue the first Aldus been born from above of common lineage DNA from Mdm. suffering his seed that is well deleterious firm are all made be from him was our representatives anything is he did what he did as a representative is credited that is what the word imputed to us this sin was imputed put our account this person was the gap like as a rifts whereby sin and corruption entered the world as we see the spread everywhere but it was spread plus the seed of Adam so legally we're considered centers and we see the effects of it.the world as well yes and this is no denying that the sin the world's citizens permeated the world all around us so by Adams one Senators three things that I highlighted the eye I would like to show us tonight on the we received from his one single check the three things that happen to us number one is that his was resistant discussing his sinfulness was imputed to us yes was given to us that is at birth word quick count is holy and righteous before God when do we consider not the matter we are countless and it is use a representative and therefore guilty yes accents number two thing that happened was that we received a very good gifts my first father was a corrupted nature so not only were considered sinners but it was in our DNA S or corrupted and ourselves are syndicated hearts have a big worsening and with all expenses now hard to deny that one number three is that there we have impending death we will die there's no escaping that women like to in the whole history of humanity and I will think you can be a third right it does the having only to become my aunt Eliza and I was in the physical Enoch Enoch H I come to my mind so I'm hoping to be the third

death isn't is as can happen in our lives though we see that death is not natural will talk about more later is not natural to humanity army were designed to live forever I was was the purpose is not natural as becoming we consider natural it was ushered in as a result of sin and spread to all I just made as EaseUS verse 12 again is referencing it through one man yes to him and is sent that's the proof for all this when tracking so far and is also another proof text you want to jump your abdomen readable is in Ephesians 23 we preach this several months ago at the Ephesians Jeffrey says we all once lives in the passions of our flesh this is speaking about Christians S so we once were we all once lived in the passes of our flesh carrying out the desires of the body and the mind and were by nature children of wrath like the rest of mankind those pays a very clear picture that before Christ's where we unrighteous that's all of mankind but that's who we were you see today we are not adding more if you are believer in that from I'm not a question for you to think about this question is how can I be judged guilty camera… This but just wanted in check for understanding as we do in teaching role will check for understanding we be judged guilty before he even knew right and wrong the baby because you will never know writer on how can I be judged guilty but he think the accident some extra the cancer that is not a new answer to discuss the form of a check for understanding by Woody thinking on that right so Adam was a representative when you send his guilt was imputed to us by powered down in her life imputed put on us and all produce progeny all humanity we were born guilty and this is what we call Original Sin this is original and then actual sin came later with the recognition of right and wrong they would call that age of accountability when we can give an account for our · we understand right and wrong that's not a hard age will note that depends on individual and tournament got so to show this Paul explains the God counted and punish sin long before the law was given a gift for this lots of examples of us was reverse 13 next verses says for sin indeed was in the world before the law was given that but sin is not counted where there is no law so not suddenly become a thing when Moses came down the mountain with this two tablets oh now you okay now were to be sinners of you don't obey those 10 Commandments and was there long before lots of examples listing of Cain killed Abel Wright beginning God does our sleeping about Sodom and Gomorrah God judge that sin harshly clearly made no bones about it and about the Tower of Babel's are all sins the God Judge but there was no law given police now we consider the Mosaic law the line already been given in the beginning and it was trespass from the beginning with Adam ever since law was made clear why there was a lot members is about that was lost somewhere where we find this law wasn't in life and death or two tablets attend where Yaz are right thigh from previous messages that God had written these things on our heart we know right and wrong law was transgressed so what's most true for this your next verse verse 14 like why would hardly as he proved that God was judging this and considered it trespass Malott the verse 14 says yet death reigned from Adam to Moses and even over those who city was not like the transgression of Adam was a type of the one who's become the death reigned from Adam to Moses what is death as the death is not was not designed naturally for the death as a punishment physically and spiritually far sent people died okay the people died to have lots of examples and one died like the opposite deliver ever I was a punishment for sin and the unfortunate truth is that even babies die they had to have made a choice don't know right and wrong haven't committed actual sin yet they still suffer death is still the mark of original sin facilities acting our world this is unfortunate truth is that are still guilty of original decision IR the receipt that and another verse is first Corinthians 1520 which is the same thing it says present had all dies also in Christ shall all be made alive didn't it all the life promise so I was a representative of the whole human race but he was just a foreshadowing another fancy word the foreshadowing I really love that word more thought about it mildly is the perfect word is foreshadowing this means like in the image of something to come it's can be made of this is just a small very imperfect vision of what the future will be held back is for like a shadow the shadows is no pretty clear to let a view but it doesn't show the whole picture and so the foreshadowing is of Christ prices a common outcome was very similar to Christ and that he represented all of his posterity and in that a lot of things we can draw between that between them too but he was not nearly a perfect example as we know just showing price to us to come and that leads us to verse 15 which is so we talk about verse 5 to 14 is the first Adam first 15 to 19 is the second Adam which is Christ so suddenly a light enters the previously very dark scene right is because very dark all dark and suddenly a light enters I love about all ideas know this is interesting is optimistic of his career was Pitino is no such thing as darkness is not a thing but the darkness is nothing is the lack of a thing is just light in this more or less light credible when you think about so like if there's no light is by nature darkness positional life is no darkness is one of presenting with heat this is off-topic cited the business listing is cold I just eat or not that's the crazy thing about clearly considers options but is not a light and light enters darkness by nature has this got scatter solution a very dark seeing the light enters as Christ and the first thing we see verse 13 is but the free gift is not like the trespass trespass was Adam's sin imputed to us but the free gifts is not like that is quite different as the sin of Adam was imputed to all humanity the also is the righteousness of Christ imputed to all who believe give input on the account so I was offense created a deep in a growing window we see still growing today all of society just getting worse his reach every member of society none escape escape death escape the effects of sin in the tape that no humanity but I love this the communication that is the like the transferring of grace and mercy from Christ go far beyond the communication of guilt and wrath from Adam was deep in his treacherous as the one Adam put on all of us himself in all of just the world Christ's grace healing goes much deeper much more perfect so I have another chart Christ

Michael the Christ same without him · here Christ represented all of his posterity all that came after him to the finals of the elect believers those who put their faith in Christ what he did as a representative of his posterity of believers is credited to us as if we had done it though we did not we did not sin as Adam did himself and them and understanding of diverse like those who did not sin abounded right not sin in this who's sitting was not like the transgression of Adam verse 14 we didn't we were there we can receive relevant revelation God and speak to us audibly in front of us as they do not have the straight as do it or still counted as sinful because he was a represented the same way we did not live righteously we do not live the right to life the Christ lived we do not die the death that you had died we do not do that we cannot do that for ourselves yet we are still credited as if we had that's the gospel that is so lucky that we get it Christ death and resurrection with a provision by which we can be made right with the father so updated the heart of the gospel you can have sold a few day without imputation the Kennard as he credited to us we can't negotiate with so a demonstration right now this that because of ever having read a lot but I love reading some of the old gnome on the same theme is reforming right one of the old reformers Augustine regarding Augustine right cheek he wrote on this on the next flight to see it he was actually combating with another another individual heretic Pelagius and he was right human he wrote on this topic and he was talking about the choices that Adam had in the garden he had a couple of options what he could do the first option in the line here is pase the car a posse needs possibly the car he means it's a work like impeccable there without blemish of the cartons sent right so possible target of the ability to send as we saw to get back the also had the plus a non-Bacardi ability to not sin right he could have chosen anyway we know each other's we had both possibilities in the garden has as the first option the second option had was pase Mori means death if her that before so yeah the possibility to die is a like meaning you can thought the tree always picking the choicest fruits and opens that Craig could've possibly died he wasn't immortal by nature they could live forever right away the necessary the scenes that make sense that was not necessary but it could happen yet the posse non-Mori possibilities not die was promised you can live forever just obey these two possibilities which is interesting is if we fast forward to now after the fall what possibilities did he have and we have none the first one now we see that we all die without a possibility is noticed that does no possibility of not direct his second lead is no possibility of not sinning we lost that possibility is gone right a letter in the future in heaven in heaven is the opposite is no possibility of dying the other side the climate is no possibility of sending the sin no more I love this is what Christ has done right is reversed that curse for us in the future heaven this really beautiful beautifully written and summarize for us to understand what Christ did as a representative for his believers the type the type of Adam and Adam was a type of Christ of course Christ was a greater greater type the fulfillment so as we saw again recapping atoms one sin brought misery and guilt on everyone in Christ one life of righteousness by justification for all the belief what a trade-off write to Paul saying here this is like the hope this is the hope that that was talking the last we saw is that Christ through Christ we can be made right and is not based the hope is not in what we can do us me a little grasp and hold onto this is by what Christ Re: did the imputed computed putting our If no control over it thankfully the probably lose it would have news for ethnic chiller so we entitled to much more Christ and we lost in at as receipt by this example we lost anatomy ability to live indefinitely the Billy not simply Christ's just the opposite we will live forever return you can wrap my around that and there be no sent a beautiful set some of the question for you how is Jesus not guilty he was born right is not guilty of original sin if he was also a man as you are guilty of original sin at least we could buy that how the estate of the next so again the memo is same as Jesus was born how is not guilty of original sin payment and I guess you still virgin birth so I was running sophisticated and I receive the fuel out of this boiler Virgin is the importance of the virgin birth can neglect that you didn't was not marked by Original Sin is incredible it up at those connections together as beautiful right Christ was born a version he did not receive the synonymous use in Genesis chapter 3 verse 15 right after the mantra I talked about the garden just write up that seven versus eight versus later we see this is that I will put enmity between you and the woman as between about man right beside the that this serpent in woman and why does a woman I met Michael mankind because Christ in between your offspring and her offspring all humanity she was a sudden Christ when the calm shall bruise your head you shall bruise his heel is the history by love that the King James version send to say between you and the woman says between you and the woman seed about the woman's seed financing is a woman doesn't really have seen not to make massive huge planet but they have clear terminology here and thus assigned supplier but I love this is what made Christ acceptable sacrifice for us use without sin in every way not just an action but in DNA I love that beautiful physicality and so just before I move on the last section I have here I have one more point here that is on

the two covenants were seeing a play here is to covenants of the made one is a covenant of works November works is what Adam and Eve failed to do they failed to uphold the company of living spotless of sin can they failed the first opportunity but they failed to pull that covenant and we felt the government are gone live with failed us about right couldn't we can uphold that covenant not even like one day we descended a sorry dance like we all have if fail at back covenant the second covenant that we are some resulting before was in Christ we have the covenant of grace is that the fulfillments of the good covenant right of the law of the righteousness of God by the imputation of Christ and his righteousness on us is accrediting to our count this is the good news this is the gospel the proof is a proto-end in Galleon is a photo evangelion big word is that like the gospel that the pre-gospel the BC in the garden is that the gospel to come is the Christ fulfilled that the righteousness by his works Ms. so the last section is is Paul really addressing impossible questions from people to get readers readers would be reading this and thinking while objection by suggesting a possible objection and that is like just wondering… Read therefore for thinking as one trespass led to the condemnation for all men so the act of righteousness leads gestation life for all men Fresno one man's disobedience the many were made sinners so by the one man's obedience of Christ many will be made righteous so here's the possible objection now the law came into increase the trespass where sin increased grace abounded all the more so that is sin reigned in death grace might also reign through righteousness being to eternal life to Jesus Christ I Lord so and this is also seen if you want to turn another writers down Galatians 319 talks about the same topic and asked the question why then was the law given yes why did God give a lot of the Mosaic law if there are guilty actually my next question in the

it asks what what is the point of God giving us a law mosaic law why would he do this just makes is more guilty I were already guilty Original Sin so why would God give us the largest because more doses just try to make us as a guilt trip the point of the law than if you are guilty as Munich is more guilty or holy guilty why does he get a lot you think already do this I think he thought but that what separate them set them apart as part of by blabbing a law that Israel is is set apart an example is true when you map a grace abounded more White Sox made even more obvious this is really what I want to plot the human Is made even more obvious of our need and makes grace abound even more as we're going to see next week that that center around the concept that grace may abound when we see how needy we are so the law shows us our failure in our sin clearly is made manifest can escape it when I sin I can't fall back on like I didn't know I was born iniquity but I didn't see it was in there with Adam 6000 years ago I see it is clearly for me as David said my sins ever before how would recede to her native savior if we didn't see our need we see daily see her need for Savior target escape it was still tired tonight was that knowledge management it was a bond this is mind blowing to me right liking this conclusion I think it is abundantly gracious of God the Lord to give us a law that we may be convicted of arson we may see it and know our wretchedness is no escaping it so we may come to him and belief is no escaping how gracious was it the God gave us a law it would show us is like as they say interfered Zamir shows us our inner man we can state that in one Emmanuel demonstrated how bundling gracious was it of God to give us that we would know that we can be made without excuse Romans 215 we were seen talks about the says the laws written our hearts right we see can skate this is another medical analogy selecting cup in his story after story about so in an ice and I unmask my school of message about also the athlete trainer so I got to school the game tonight at different goals and night on their something that happens when a type scientist the hospital it gives you cause pictures have certain domains we can work himself on this one game one of my athletes came off really like this in his ankle look like a high ankle sprain this spring and we as I checked out the EMTs without a check that out #was broken but the broken since expanded on the Dorchester we could do without x-raying everything but the leg broken monster should be to does lost their legs hurt so bad they do x-rays is broken that none of us thought so that I can tell right can see from the outside looking in this is my analogy is that x-rays are like the law they didn't cause the break right they just showed us it in a clear but a lot of make us in this glottis shows us that we are sinners in our hearts can escape is just a mirror the shows us x-rays and make bone break it just showed us that it was broken yes Blame the lives thus were broken and so there's my application for us tonight

application are three points is that everyone is believe it this is the truth of God's word is as you are Adam if you're not a believer this is we still are if you are a believer this to you once were this is who we are or were recognize your need of grace and place your faith in the only Adam they can say the Christ if you are a believer hold to the faith although the faith do not believe the lies of the devil rather place your faith who you are in Christ believe it leaving is walking in place your faith is sitting in the chair for nightly not share that's faith holding on everything like to suggest the chickens out place my faith this is the truth of God's word others believe it make sense leave it in your head that's a heart in your head something is praise the Lord give thanks praise the Lord because he not only sent Christ to provide a way which is a not as tremendous that's not just in all their songs you're not alone be not only did that but he also gave us the law that we can see our sin and see our need of Christ that's beautiful with tremendous God is our need is made manifest manifest needs to be made clear to be brought to light made be made visible it's visible percent Meissen in the third thing is walking it but to believe it walking it live it a believers Original Sin has been traded France trans imputed that the word I made up with the righteousness of Christ's key by latest beautiful your sin when he was on the cross was imputed to Christ it was put on his account he took all of it past present and future Original Sin actual city took it all is imputed to him at the monitor believer his righteousness imputed to you that's incredible trans imputation of the development industry Bureau word parsing of rebellion and our original sin those 2 Things Actual Ctr. arisen had been paid for by the less put off the heart of rebellion you always boundary many things but I thought of rebellion walking away lay before us the book of Romans and every others if you talk about how we should live how then shall we live walking believe it praise the Lord because it's true in temperature of the walking if you're not a believer happily this from the night helping genuine Lord walking it believe it is your faith and praise the Lord and leave tonight walking father thank you for your word and father thank you for even imperfect examples like Adam the first Adam sin rectus and ruined us father who is on the same where their father thank you but even now that there was never Plan B was no mistake father you had already planned a path for our redemption to the new Adam Christ who died and rose again for us father all of our sin we are believers ball if we are the chosen was put on him was imputed to his account he bore that sin and all of your wrath that we may be imputed with his righteousness is perfection five what a trade what a trade father thank you for your word thank you for your truth things for your grace thank you father you made away help us to believe that father may you be praised for you alone a worthy EB glorified father help us to I just believe that the two walking you may be glorified in our lives thank you father for your truth your love and your grace